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Right of superficies

Alternative label:
Building lease

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Related terms:
Superficie object

Real property right which enables its proprietor - the ‘superficiary’ - to have or acquire for himself buildings, constructions or plants (vegetation) in, on or above an immovable thing owned by someone else (Dutch Civil Code Article 5:101;

Scope Note:
OGC LandInfra / InfraGML term


In other Languages:
Danish: Superficiærfæste
Turkish: Üst hakkı
Malay: Hak ke atas superfisi

CaLAThe_Ver5 Co-ownership Co-ownership Right of superficies Right of superficies Co-ownership->Right of superficies Superficie object Superficie object Right of superficies->Superficie object related Building lease Building lease Right of superficies->Building lease alternative label