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Coordinate reference system

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Broader terms:
Spatial reference

Narrower terms:
Coordinate tuple

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1) Systems for uniquely referencing spatial information in space as a set of coordinates (x, y, z) and/or latitude and longitude and height, based on a geodetic horizontal and vertical datum (Source: INSPIRE glossary). 2) Coordinate system that is related to an object by a datum (Source: ISO 19111:2019, (E), 3.1.9).

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In other Languages:
Danish: Koordinatreferencesystem
Turkish: Koordinat referans sistemi
Malay: Sistem rujukan koordinat

CaLAThe_Ver5 Coordinate reference system Coordinate reference system Coordinate Coordinate Coordinate reference system->Coordinate Datum Datum Coordinate reference system->Datum Coordinate tuple Coordinate tuple Coordinate reference system->Coordinate tuple Spatial reference Spatial reference Spatial reference->Coordinate reference system