Version 4: Supplemented with code lists and Survey terms of the OGC LandInfra standard

Standards basically specifies classes, their attributes and the relations between classes. The richness of variations of the domain calls for code lists as a supplement.

Code lists are flexible, and hence an appealing means for cooperation on alignment of standards, as motivated in Stubkjær et al (2019) Code list management supported through a controlled domain vocabulary.

Consequently, this version of CaLAThe is supplemented with code lists of the Survey, Land division, and Condominium sections of the OGC Land and Infrastructure Conceptual Model Standard (LandInfra).

The structure of code list names and values differ from the structure of the thesaurus. This is addressed by recording code list data in a different concept scheme, cf. SKOS reference, 4. As far as reasonable, code list values are directly added to CaLAThe as terms. Some code list values are added as alternatives to CaLAThe terms with prefixes, indicating the pertinent standard, e.g. LI_ for OGC LandInfra, and LA_ for the ISO 19152:2012 Land Administration Domain Model (LADM), awaiting mutual alignment. In case the code list value is a term, which cannot be properly defined, e.g. OtherParty, this value is not added to CaLAThe, but is recorded only in the code list concept scheme and without prefix. The code lists of LADM are expected to follow in a subsequent version of CaLAThe. Three LADM code lists vith values are included as proof of concept in the developed SKOS-file, comprising both CaLAThe proper and the code lists.

Moreover, version 4 is supplemented with about 25 survey-related terms, covering the Survey part of LandInfra. CaLAThe now comprises about 250 terms, without the code list names and values, amounting to about 110. The Documentation part of CaLAThe was restructured, introducing Information as the top term, and adding narrowers of SpatialUnit.

The recording of definitions was supported by the availability of the Geolexica online glossary for geographic information technology from ISO/TC 211 Geographic information/Geomatics, as well as the Bartoc Skosmos tool, providing access to among others the controlled vocabularies mentioned in the CaLAThe introduction page.


Peter Parslow, Open Standards Lead, Ordnance Survey, UK, provided suggestions for improvement.

Thomas Francart, Sparna, provided the SKOS Play! and SKOS Test facilities, thereby facilitating the SKOS encoding of code lists.

Abdullah Kara, Yildiz Technical University, assisted in preparing this update.