Version 5: Multi-lingual start and extended cross-referencing among semantic resources

From the outset in 2011, CaLAThe was rendered in the English language. Version 5 starts a multi-lingual itinerary by adding terms (SKOS: prefLabel) in Danish and Turkish, the native language of the authors. Other languages and provision of definitions in national languages may follow, supporting among others (university) education. - The engagement with national language terminology revealed different semantic sources, including 1. the dictionaries and lexica of national associations/ societies and publishers, 2. the terms and definitions of laws and ordinances, etc, and 3. data models prepared in the context of e-government. The recording of and reference to these resources is an open issue.

CaLAThe started out as a concept structure with relatively sparse concept definitions. Definitions have been added with every new version. For version 5, the concepts of the Land concept collection were reviewed and definitions supplemented. The European Union's EuroVoc was included in this process. Especially, narrowers of EuroVoc's Law were compared with CaLAThe concepts, definitions reviewed and often references to EuroVoc concepts were recorded as Exact match or Close match in CaLAThe. Already in 2019, CaLAThe was available through The Basic Register of Thesauri, Ontologies & Classifications (BARTOC) and the Definitions Server of the OGC. The cross-referencing process continued during 2020, with CaLAThe being linked with the LandVoc thesaurus and FAO's AGROVOC.

Like other semantic resources, CaLAThe has to navigate within different families of legal systems. This became again an issue when relating the English with the Danish and Turkish legal terms. The notion of 'Law of obligation' was introduced, preferred relative to a ius in rem/ ius in personam distinction. In this context, Legal personality was also introduced. The notion of Real property was so far not included in CaLAThe, following the assessment stated p. 9 in  the report Real Property Law and Procedure in the European Union, 2005, mentioned in Version 3 intro. The fact, that the term is widely used in the surveying commmunity, motivated us to replace prefLabel PropertyUnit with prefLabel Real property, and keep PropertyUnit as altLabel. -  Likewise to the legal family issue, the structuring of governmental agencies recording land information are complex. To better address this complexity, version 5 introduces Registry, defined as 1. Official records of people or things relating to a business or other activity 2. Organization or place that keeps official records.

CaLAThe now comprises about 250 terms. In addition, the code list names and values, mentioned in the introduction to version 4, amounts to about 110.


Laura Meggiolaro and Carlos Tejo Alonso, Land Portal Foundation, facilitated the LandVoc linking

Jan Hjelmager, The Danish Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency, commented on the Danish terms.