CaLAThe_Ver7 Land Land Spatial feature type Spatial feature type Land->Spatial feature type Land division Land division Spatial feature type->Land division Topographical feature Topographical feature Spatial feature type->Topographical feature Administrative unit Administrative unit Land division->Administrative unit Administrative feature Administrative feature Land division->Administrative feature alternative label Real property Real property Land division->Real property Marker Marker Land division->Marker Place name Place name Land division->Place name Boundary Boundary Land division->Boundary NUTS Region NUTS Region Administrative unit->NUTS Region Jurisdiction Jurisdiction Administrative unit->Jurisdiction alternative label LA_SpatialUnitGroup LA_SpatialUnitGroup Administrative unit->LA_SpatialUnitGroup alternative label Administrative division Administrative division Administrative unit->Administrative division alternative label Protected site Protected site Administrative unit->Protected site Site Site Administrative unit->Site Cadastral parcel Cadastral parcel Real property->Cadastral parcel Basic property unit Basic property unit Real property->Basic property unit alternative label Immovable property Immovable property Real property->Immovable property alternative label Property unit Property unit Real property->Property unit alternative label Property unit type Property unit type Real property->Property unit type Condominium Condominium Real property->Condominium Superficie object Superficie object Real property->Superficie object LA_BAUnit LA_BAUnit Real property->LA_BAUnit LA_RequiredRelationship LA_RequiredRelationship Real property->LA_RequiredRelationship Boundary mark Boundary mark Cadastral parcel->Boundary mark related Cadastral parcel->Boundary mark related Carrier parcel Carrier parcel Cadastral parcel->Carrier parcel Land parcel Land parcel Cadastral parcel->Land parcel alternative label Parcel Parcel Cadastral parcel->Parcel alternative label Main Parcel Main Parcel Cadastral parcel->Main Parcel Boundary mark->Cadastral parcel related Condominium right Condominium right Condominium->Condominium right related Condominium->Condominium right related Condominium scheme Condominium scheme Condominium->Condominium scheme related Condominium->Condominium scheme related Building use part Building use part Condominium->Building use part Condominium unit Condominium unit Condominium->Condominium unit alternative label Superficie object->Carrier parcel related Superficie object->Carrier parcel related Right of superficies Right of superficies Superficie object->Right of superficies related Superficie object->Right of superficies related Survey mark Survey mark Marker->Survey mark Street sign Street sign Marker->Street sign Survey mark->Boundary mark Control point monument Control point monument Survey mark->Control point monument Trigonometric mark Trigonometric mark Survey mark->Trigonometric mark Postal address Postal address Place name->Postal address Geographical name Geographical name Place name->Geographical name alternative label Postal address->Street sign Address Address Postal address->Address alternative label Boundary->Boundary mark LA_Boundary LA_Boundary Boundary->LA_Boundary alternative label Fixed boundary Fixed boundary Boundary->Fixed boundary General boundary General boundary Boundary->General boundary Hydrography Hydrography Topographical feature->Hydrography Elevation Elevation Topographical feature->Elevation Transport network Transport network Topographical feature->Transport network Construction Construction Topographical feature->Construction Construction->Superficie object Condominium building Condominium building Construction->Condominium building Building Building Construction->Building alternative label Condominium building->Carrier parcel related Condominium building->Carrier parcel related Condominium building->Building use part LA_LegalSpaceBuildingUnit LA_LegalSpaceBuildingUnit Condominium building->LA_LegalSpaceBuildingUnit