This web site presents a Knowledge Organization System in terms of a thesaurus for the domain of cadastre and land administration. It provides a controlled vocabulary, which is derived mainly from the ISO/DIS 19152 Land Administration Domain Model and related to existing thesauri, primarily the GEMET thesaurus, the  AGROVOC thesaurus, and the STW Thesaurus for Economics.

The main purpose is to create a semantic model which may improve organization of knowledge, e.g. in terms of a formal ontology of the domain. The Cadastre and Land Administration Thesaurus, in short CaLAThe, could also be used for information retrieval (i.e. tagging articles, projects) and for development or improvement of teaching material, especially in the context of e-learning.

The about 110 terms of the initial version (Sept. 2011), was supplemented with terms, which address the dynamic or process aspect of the domain. These about 35 terms are derived from reports of the project 'Property Formation in the Nordic countries', performed by staff of the cadastral agencies and university departments of the Nordic countries.

The user can access the thesaurus through an alphabetical listing and through graphical overviews, which render the main groups: Documentation, Land, Law, Party, and Activity, respectively, in addition to graphical rendering of all thesaurus term relations. Finally, the derivation of thesaurus terms from the ISO/DIS 19152 Land Administration Domain Model is documented in a tabular overview.

CaLAThe is encoded as a Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS), according to specifications developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The resulting skos.xml file can be downloaded from here.