CaLAThe_Ver4 Law Law Information Information Land Land Party Party Party role type Party role type Party->Party role type LA_Party LA_Party Party->LA_Party alternative label Party type Party type Party->Party type Rightholder Rightholder Party role type->Rightholder Natural person role Natural person role Party role type->Natural person role Owner Owner Rightholder->Owner Document Document Rightholder->Document related Holder Holder Rightholder->Holder alternative label Mortgagee Mortgagee Rightholder->Mortgagee Representation Representation Rightholder->Representation Party member Party member Rightholder->Party member Legal person Legal person Rightholder->Legal person Mortgagor Mortgagor Rightholder->Mortgagor Lessor Lessor Rightholder->Lessor Lessee Lessee Rightholder->Lessee Good faith Good faith Rightholder->Good faith Title Title Owner->Title Place bound party Place bound party Party member->Place bound party related Place bound party->Party member related Official role Official role Natural person role->Official role Societal role Societal role Natural person role->Societal role Professional Professional Natural person role->Professional Signatory Signatory Natural person role->Signatory Neighbor Neighbor Natural person role->Neighbor Farmer Farmer Natural person role->Farmer Registrar Registrar Official role->Registrar Chief Chief Societal role->Chief Notary Notary Professional->Notary Professional role Professional role Professional->Professional role alternative label Surveyor Surveyor Professional->Surveyor Draftsman Draftsman Professional->Draftsman Lawyer Lawyer Professional->Lawyer Engineer Engineer Professional->Engineer Licensed surveyor Licensed surveyor Surveyor->Licensed surveyor LI_LandSurveyor LI_LandSurveyor Surveyor->LI_LandSurveyor LA_CertifiedSurveyor LA_CertifiedSurveyor Surveyor->LA_CertifiedSurveyor Draftsman->Document related LI_SigningRole LI_SigningRole Signatory->LI_SigningRole LI_SigningRole->Owner LI_SigningRole->LI_LandSurveyor LI_SigningRole->Neighbor Buyer Buyer LI_SigningRole->Buyer Seller Seller LI_SigningRole->Seller Natural person Natural person Party type->Natural person Group party Group party Party type->Group party Organisation Organisation Party type->Organisation Legal subject Legal subject Natural person->Legal subject Group party->Place bound party Social group Social group Group party->Social group LA_GroupParty LA_GroupParty Group party->LA_GroupParty alternative label Family Family Social group->Family Tribe Tribe Social group->Tribe Organisation->Legal person Governmental organisation Governmental organisation Organisation->Governmental organisation Judiciary Judiciary Organisation->Judiciary Corporation Corporation Organisation->Corporation Association Association Organisation->Association National survey and cadastre National survey and cadastre Governmental organisation->National survey and cadastre Administrative body Administrative body Governmental organisation->Administrative body alternative label Land registry Land registry Governmental organisation->Land registry Bank Bank Corporation->Bank Professional society Professional society Association->Professional society Professional society->Professional related