CaLAThe_Ver7 Law Law Party role type Party role type Law->Party role type Customary law Customary law Law->Customary law Positive law Positive law Law->Positive law Natural law Natural law Law->Natural law Civil law Civil law Law->Civil law Common law Common law Law->Common law Rights holder Rights holder Party role type->Rights holder Natural person role Natural person role Party role type->Natural person role Owner Owner Rights holder->Owner Document Document Rights holder->Document related Holder Holder Rights holder->Holder alternative label Mortgagee Mortgagee Rights holder->Mortgagee Representation Representation Rights holder->Representation Party member Party member Rights holder->Party member Legal person Legal person Rights holder->Legal person Mortgagor Mortgagor Rights holder->Mortgagor Lessor Lessor Rights holder->Lessor Lessee Lessee Rights holder->Lessee Good faith Good faith Rights holder->Good faith Title Title Owner->Title Place bound party Place bound party Party member->Place bound party related Official role Official role Natural person role->Official role Societal role Societal role Natural person role->Societal role Professional Professional Natural person role->Professional Legal personality Legal personality Natural person role->Legal personality Registrar Registrar Official role->Registrar Chief Chief Societal role->Chief Farmer Farmer Societal role->Farmer Neighbor Neighbor Societal role->Neighbor Notary Notary Professional->Notary Professional role Professional role Professional->Professional role alternative label Surveyor Surveyor Professional->Surveyor Draftsman Draftsman Professional->Draftsman Lawyer Lawyer Professional->Lawyer Engineer Engineer Professional->Engineer Licensed surveyor Licensed surveyor Surveyor->Licensed surveyor LI_LandSurveyor LI_LandSurveyor Surveyor->LI_LandSurveyor LA_CertifiedSurveyor LA_CertifiedSurveyor Surveyor->LA_CertifiedSurveyor Draftsman->Document related Legal advisor Legal advisor Lawyer->Legal advisor Signatory Signatory Legal personality->Signatory Signatory->Owner Buyer Buyer Signatory->Buyer LI_SigningRole LI_SigningRole Signatory->LI_SigningRole alternative label Seller Seller Signatory->Seller Collective ownership Collective ownership Customary law->Collective ownership Custom Custom Customary law->Custom alternative label Customary tenure Customary tenure Customary law->Customary tenure Indigenous tenure system Indigenous tenure system Customary tenure->Indigenous tenure system Land law Land law Positive law->Land law Legal basis Legal basis Positive law->Legal basis alternative label Formal right Formal right Positive law->Formal right alternative label Real right Real right Land law->Real right Property law Property law Land law->Property law alternative label Planning law Planning law Land law->Planning law LA_RRR LA_RRR Land law->LA_RRR Law of obligation Law of obligation Land law->Law of obligation Formal tenure system Formal tenure system Land law->Formal tenure system Ownership Ownership Real right->Ownership Interest in land Interest in land Real right->Interest in land alternative label Estate Estate Real right->Estate alternative label Leasehold Leasehold Real right->Leasehold Encumbrance Encumbrance Real right->Encumbrance LA_Right LA_Right Real right->LA_Right Individual ownership Individual ownership Ownership->Individual ownership Private ownership Private ownership Ownership->Private ownership alternative label Public ownership Public ownership Ownership->Public ownership Co-ownership Co-ownership Ownership->Co-ownership Adverse possession Adverse possession Ownership->Adverse possession Condominium right Condominium right Co-ownership->Condominium right Shared ownership Shared ownership Co-ownership->Shared ownership alternative label Timeshare right Timeshare right Co-ownership->Timeshare right Co-ownership share Co-ownership share Co-ownership->Co-ownership share Right of superficies Right of superficies Co-ownership->Right of superficies Party share Party share Co-ownership share->Party share Condominium share Condominium share Co-ownership share->Condominium share Lease Lease Leasehold->Lease related Leasehold->Lease related Usufruct Usufruct Encumbrance->Usufruct Limited right Limited right Encumbrance->Limited right alternative label Easement Easement Encumbrance->Easement Security interest Security interest Encumbrance->Security interest LA_Restriction LA_Restriction Encumbrance->LA_Restriction Private law restriction Private law restriction Easement->Private law restriction Servient property unit Servient property unit Easement->Servient property unit Public law restriction Public law restriction Easement->Public law restriction Dominant property unit Dominant property unit Easement->Dominant property unit Right of way Right of way Private law restriction->Right of way Public law restriction->Right of way Mortgage Mortgage Security interest->Mortgage Lien Lien Mortgage->Lien LA_Mortgage LA_Mortgage Mortgage->LA_Mortgage alternative label Planning law->Public law restriction Option to purchase Option to purchase Law of obligation->Option to purchase Pre-emption right Pre-emption right Law of obligation->Pre-emption right Freehold Freehold Formal tenure system->Freehold Civil law->Land law Land tenure Land tenure Common law->Land tenure Land tenure->Customary tenure Land tenure->Formal tenure system